If you’re reading this and wondering what a calendar slam is; there are four grand-slams in a year, winning all the four grand slams played in one single year is called “CALENDAR SLAM”.

Tennis great Rod Laver last achieved a calendar slam in 1969, doing it twice in his career. 52 years after Rod Laver achieved the Calendar Slam Feat, Novak Djokovic came so close in 2021 after winning the first three slams of the year, but got denied at the last slam of the year in US Open after he lost to Daniil Medvedev in straight sets, which was one of the most painful moments ever in his career.

Can Novak Djokovic Attain Calendar Slam In 2023

Resilient Novak Djokovic Calendar Slam Possibility

In the year 2022, Novak missed out on two Grand slam tournaments in the Australian Open and Us Open due to covid restrictions on non vaccinated players and only appeared in Roland Garros and Wimbledon, which he lost in the quarter-finals, and won the Wimbledon later in the year.

Can Novak Djokovic Attain Calendar Slam In 2023

With Djokovic already winning the first Grand-slam, in Australia earlier in the year and US government ending all emergency COVID-19 restrictions, by the end of May has removed arguably the biggest obstacle to Djokovic attempting, let alone winning, a Calendar Slam in 2023.

Could Djokovic’s Body Be His Biggest Obstacle?

Excluding the likes of Nadal, Medvedev And Alcatraz posing as a threat on Clay and Hard Court Respectively, the biggest Obstacle might just be his body. RESILIENCE has been most evident in Djokovic’s ability to withstand injuries that would have surely kept other players out. Even in the Australian Open this year, he seemed to be suffering from a tight hamstring, but once again he bounced back to win the tournament.

Achieving the Calendar Slam is arguably the last obstacle for Djokovic to overcome if he is to prove that he is the greatest male tennis player ever, but undoubtedly the greatest male tennis player ever. If he achieves it, he will have won a remarkable 25 Grand slam by the end of 2023.