• The Portuguese Forward Reveals When He End His Illustrious Career

Cristiano Ronaldo talked about retirement in an interview with Globe Sports after winning an award for Best Goalscorer. Despite turning 39 soon, Ronaldo states that retirement is not imminent and hinted at playing a few more years, and maybe “10 More years” he said jokingly.

Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals When He Will Retire

“The moment I feel I’m done, I’ll retire… maybe in 10 years?!”.

Cristiano Ronaldo – When asked about retirement.

On a different note, Ronaldo’s effectiveness in front of goal was duly recognized as he received the Globe Soccer Awards’ Maradona Award for Best Goalscorer.

Ronaldo scored 54 goals in all competitions in 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals When He Will Finally Retire
Cristiano Ronaldo to retire… in 10 years?

In an interview following this achievement, The former Real Madrid forward talked about how he responds to criticism despite his achievements in football and his age:

“I was the best goalscorer this season, imagine beating young animals like Haaland… I’m proud. And I’ll be 39 soon!”. “I like when people doubt again about me, and then I’m successful. I don’t get affected by the criticism”

Winning another prestigious award at 39 just shows Cristiano Ronaldo’s outstanding longevity and effectiveness on the football field.

Cristiano Ronaldo discussed his the state of football in Saudi Arabia. The Portuguese legend claims that Saudi League is better than the French Ligue 1 in terms of quality.

He also emphasized his support for the region’s football development, claiming they will become a top footballing nation if they continue to grow.