Just as we`re in the middle of the October International break, let’s learn one fascinating fact about international football.

Brazil are arguably the best footballing country in the world. They have won the most World Cups and always produce outstanding players.

Brazil have played against many teams in the world and they have beaten all of the teams that they`ve played against except from one country.

That country is Norway. Brazil have played against Norway four times but have never beaten the small European country. Norway have claimed two victories over Brazil including one at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

Complete Head to Head.

Norway Vs Brazil Head To Head

28th July 1988 |Norway 1-1 Brazil (International Friendly)

30th May 1997 |Norway 4-2 Brazil (International Friendly)

23rd June 1998 |Brazil 1-2 Norway (FIFA World Cup)

16th August 2006|Norway 1-1 Brazil  (International Friendly)

Now You Know!