Football betting is crazy! It is so unpredictable but that is what makes it so entertaining. One of the craziest things a football bettor can do is to pick/bet on draws. It is mostly risky, but can also bring home the big bags (huge returns). What are the basic things a punter should know when picking draws? Find out below.

Football Betting TipsStats To Consider Before Picking Draws

Draws - Football Betting Tips To Consider Before Picking Draws

Low Scoring Sides

The first step is to look for clubs that does not score often. Before scouting for that, it is important to look for leagues with high draw percentage. For example, Vietnam V League has a draw rate of up to 50%. Also, Argentinian Primera B Nacional and South African PSL are also great options. Look for low-scoring teams in leagues like that.

Head To Head

Draws - Football Betting Tips To Consider Before Picking Draws

Always check head-to-head records. Check the history of the matches you want to pick. This will help you filter through to fixtures that have produced more draws over the years.

Recent Scoring Records

Draws - Football Betting Tips To Consider Before Picking Draws

Check recent scoring records as well. A team might not be a high-scoring side, but they might be on a good run of form. Scoring records will also give insights on goal ratios. Analyzing goal ratios helps when picking draws or over/under options.

Home and Away Record

Lastly, check home and away records. How are both teams doing at home and away? This will help you know if the team is stronger playing away from home or stronger when playing at home.

These are useful tips that can help you pick full-time draws better on any platform. Enjoy and always remember to bet responsibly.

Disclaimer – Gambling involves risk. Please only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose. Football betting Tips are only predictions of what we think might happen. It is not certain. This site/owner of the site will not be held liable for any loss incurred by any customer/user even if he/she takes advice from here

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