Jenni Hermoso could be sued by the Spanish Football Federation.

The Spanish football federation has threatened to sue Jenni Hermoso, the player at the centre of a row over its president’s conduct, for lying and defamation.

Jenni Hermoso was kissed by Luis Rubiales after Spain won the World Cup.

It has also threatened to sue the 79 women’s football players. The ones who signed a letter refusing to play for their country as long as Luis Rubiales remained in his post.

In a statement, the federation said it would take the necessary legal action.

They told the players that “playing for the national team is an obligation on any member called upon to do so”.

The move is the latest chapter in a fast-moving story after Rubiales kissed Hermoso after their World Cup victory.

Hermoso said the kiss was not consensual and made her feel “vulnerable and the victim of aggression”.

“At no time did I consent to the kiss,” Hermoso said in a statement. “I won’t tolerate having my word doubted, much less have people inventing things that I didn’t say.”

In a written statement, Hermoso said: “I don’t want to interfere in the legal process but I feel obliged to report that the words used by Sr Luis Rubiales to explain what happened are categorically untrue and are part of the manipulative culture that he himself has created. I have not been respected.”