After what seemed like endless days of negotiations, The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers finally agreed on a trade that could change the entire landscape of the NBA. 

On trade deadline day, all the talk centred around James Harden. There were strong suggestions that he was once again asking to be traded after enduring difficulties. Some reports said the initial hold up was Brooklyn trying to get as much as they could in the deal. 

For fans of the Nets, this was a disappointing end to the big three era. When it began last year, this was hailed as the greatest assemblage of talent on one roster. Unfortunately, it is over before it got a real chance to begin. A year after sending a raft of first-round picks and young talent to acquire James Harden, the Nets are sending him and Paul Millsap to Philadelphia.  What they get in return is a haul of Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and a pair of first-round NBA picks. 

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Philadelphia 76ers 

Sixers president Daryl Morey just pulled off an absolute blinder and deserves huge praise. Morey was in a horrible situation because everyone knew Ben Simmons wanted out. Instead of simply folding and giving into Simmons demands, Morey flipped the entire script. He played his cards right and got exactly what he wanted. He convinced everyone that he was ready to keep Simmons until the end of the season and got the best possible deal.

What this move represents is huge for the 76ers. Pairing James Harden and Joel Embiid mean you have arguably the best facilitator in the league and the best big man in basketball. For all intents and purposes, Philadelphia have become strong contenders to win a championship. The fans have Daryl Morey to thank for that.