The Warriors were blown out against Milwaukee and seem to be in an offensive slump that needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. 

Defending the two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo was always going to be a Herculean task. It became even harder when Kevon Looney picked up two fouls in the opening minutes. Any realistic options the Warriors had disappeared quickly. What followed was their worst defensive performance of the season. Milwaukee scored 77 first-half points and 118 total on an easy 51 percent shooting.

Uncharacteristic Defense & Offense

Defensively the Warriors were a shambles. The Warriors still maintain the league’s best defensive rating as they’ve been solid every night but not last night. The offense, however, has come under more scrutiny over the last few weeks. The Warriors only scored 38 first-half points against the Bucks and 99 total. That was the fourth time in their last five games that they’ve been held under 100 points. Over the past 15 games, they are the league’s fifth-worst offensive team, dropping them from third to 12th in offensive rating. 

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Steph Curry’s poor shooting. 

Through six games in 2022 for Curry, he’s only made 33.9 percent of his overall shots and 28.1 percent of his threes. Another issue has been the lack of shots volume. Curry’s only been able to get up 9.5 3s on average in January after averaging 13 or more in earlier months. Several defensive schemes have started to become effective in shutting him up. Often times not even allowing him to get a look at the rim. Curry only got up 11 shots and six 3s against the Bucks, scoring a quiet 12 points.

Curry is known for his constant movement off the ball. Maybe it’s the exhaustion during a tiring period of the season but he’s been more quiet than usual. The Warriors will welcome the coming All-Star break as a period to reflect and take stock. The return of Klay Thompson will also go a long way in easing the burden on Curry. Overall the numbers still look good so this can be written off as a slump in an otherwise great season.