As we approach the NBA trade deadline, all eyes are on the Los Angeles Lakers. It remains to be seen what significant moves if any, would be made to improve their chances this season

The Lakers have had a pretty disappointing season by their lofty standards. The pieces added in the summer haven’t yielded the required results. Entering February, Russell Westbrook is one of the worst trade assets in the NBA. Only one team has expressed an interest in acquiring him from Los Angeles.

The Houston Rockets signalled an interest but they want the Lakers’ 2027 first-round pick and Los Angeles to take John Wall’s contract. The Lakers aren’t willing to attach their first-round pick to get the deal done so that eliminates Houston from potential talks. They may have to continue with Westbrook till the end of the season at this rate. The results probably won’t be pretty but they have been left with little choice. 


Trade Options 

What do the Lakers need? Perimeter defending and shooting. 

Talen Horton-Tucker was a valuable asset a year ago but it seems like no one wants him now. There were rumors about a deal for Pistons Jerami Grant but that is now off the table. Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield is one to watch here. The Lakers are said to have an offer on the table involving Horton-Tucker. The Kings have reportedly rejected that offer. Would the Kings take up the chance to get out of the two years and $38 million remaining on his contract? 

The Lakers clearly don’t have many trade assets to move this season and that poses a huge problem. However, there are still affordable alternatives available, especially to address the team’s need for outside shooting. Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon is believed to be one potential target for the Lakers. The 33-year-old is under contract through the 2022-’23 season ($19.57 million). Houston would be more than willing to move him on at a reasonable price. Gordon is shooting 45.2% from the perimeter this season, which could help the Lakers stretch the floor better.