The New Rules Are To Prevent Clubs From “Hoarding Players”

FIFA have announced new rules regarding loaning players in and out of clubs. The new rules are to promote competitiveness and also prevent bigger clubs from “hoarding players.”


In recent times, clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City, and some other top clubs have been using the loan system to give playing time to their academy graduates or other reserve players. This help clubs own many players that do not necessarily play for their first team. However, FIFA have revamped the rules. The new rules will become effective at the start of the 2022 summer transfer window.

Chelsea Loan Army | KEEP or SELL | Chelsea LIVE - YouTube


The rule will only allow clubs to loan up to eight players in/out of the club during a season. In the summer of 2023, the number will be reduced to seven, while it will be reduced to six in 2024.

However, homegrown players trained by clubs under the age of 21 are exempted from this rule.

In a nutshell, it means the club can still loan out as many 17 to 20-year-old players from the academy.
While that might seem like a flaw, it will still affect a club like Chelsea known for loaning out older professionals.

FIFA Demobilizes Chelsea's Loan Army
Chelsea use the loan system more than most clubs

This rule will also help clubs trim down squads and give more opportunities to young players more often in the long run.

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