Shocking news emerged from France today about PSG Feminine Player named Aminata Diallo. The French footballer allegedly organized an assault on her teammate. The news sounds bizarre and it will for sure rock the sporting world.

Amanita Diallo Playing For PSG

FIFA doesn’t tolerate violence on the field even when the stakes are high among players. This particular event happened outside the pitch, but FIFA could still ban Aminata Diallo for life.

What Happened?

Aminata Diallo plays for PSG Women’s team alongside former Barcelona player Kheira Hamraoui. However, Diallo was taken into police custody today (Wednesday) for allegedly being involved in an assault that happened to her teammate Kheira Hamraoui.

Kheira Hamraoui

In Simpler Terms

Aminata Diallo has been arrested for allegedly hiring masked men to attack her PSG teammate Kheira Hamraoui.

Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui are both French players.

Aminata Diallo allegedly planned an attack on her teammate to remove her from competition for playing time at Paris Saint Germain.


FIFA and UEFA do not condone violence towards an opposition, not to talk of a teammate. If found guilty, FIFA could ban her for life from playing professional football. Also, they may give her a really long suspension which will negatively affect her career.

Other Consequences

She will face prison time if found guilty. She could also lose her contract with PSG.

This incident is very bizarre and shocking and will go down as one of the strangest incidents in football this year.

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