Lionel Messi`s Poor Form At PSG

Lionel Messi was booed by his own fans on Sunday. The PSG star was booed because of his flat performance against Real Madrid as the French giants were eliminated from the UCL. Since his move to France, Lionel Messi has not been at his best. 7 goals and 11 assists are not Messi-esque numbers at this stage of the season. So, what’s wrong with Messi? is it age telling on the Argentine captain? or is it Mauricio Pochettino’s much-criticized approach at PSG? or his teammates?

L'Equipe ratings say Messi was twice as good in the second leg compared to  the first | Marca

When Argentine signed for Paris Saint Germain, the footballing world expected fireworks on the pitch, especially with teammates like Kylian Mbappe and his old pal Neymar. However, that has not been the case.

Is it Lionel Messi`s Age?

Lionel Messi is 34 years old. He is not as fast as he once was, but he makes up for that with superior intelligent play. His stats from Barcelona last season suggest that Lionel Messi’s problem at PSG isn’t because of his age. Messi was superb at the 2021 Copa America tournament.

Lionel Messi wins Copa America: Argentina star ecstatic after winning his  first major international trophy - Eurosport

The Argentine swept everything before him winning multiple individual awards in the tournament his country won. He performed well at the Copa America, and his stats show his level hasn’t dropped in terms of his general play, however his finishing has suffered a bit.

Is it the League?

Lionel Messi scored 5 UCL group-stage goals before they were knocked out last week by Real Madrid.

Wijnaldum rescues PSG after Lens leave Messi in a daze | Pulse Nigeria

His Champions League stats are a little better than his Ligue 1 form. He can`t cope away from La Liga?

Is it the Coach?

Mauricio Pochettino has been criticized by many. The major criticism is that the former Spurs manager does not play to the strengths of his PSG team.

Lionel Messi has doubts over Mauricio Pochettino, Barcelona want Cesar  Azpilicueta in summer – Paper Round - Eurosport

Even Neymar has not been himself under Pochettino. So the whole PSG team is underperforming under Pochettino not just Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi Suffers Serious Knee Injury After Disappointing Start to the  Season - Latest Sports News

So what is the problem for Lionel Messi at PSG? With two league goals and a failed UCL Challenge, Messi is having a very flat first season with PSG. There have also been talks about Messi’s father calling Barcelona to talk about a return to Camp Nou for the Argentine? Can’t he do it outside Barcelona?
What is the problem?

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