Barcelona sacked Koeman on Thursday evening. Now, the Dutch coach is set to be replaced by former Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez.

Just minutes after Ronald Koeman’s sacking was confirmed, Xavi’s name was everywhere. Also, many news outlets have reported that the Spaniard will take over at Barcelona.

However, former Barcelona striker Luis Suarez knew that Barcelona will call Xavi to replace Koeman. Also, the current Atletico forward warned his former teammate not to take the Barcelona job.

Suarez analyzed the situation at Barcelona currently and he thinks it is not the right time for Xavi Hernandez to become Barcelona’s boss.

Luis Suarez’s statement at the beginning of this month:

I don’t think that today, tomorrow, or the day after is the time to take the team. Xavi is intelligent, he knows the club’s difficulties and must wait for the right moment,” he said.

“He has ex-teammates at the club that he will have to make decisions with and it’s going to be difficult. It all depends on how the season ends, the project, and everything else …

“Of course, I see him as very qualified as a coach, but he must wait until they give him the possibility of being as great as a coach as he was as a player.”

Xavi was a very intelligent player and at his current job in Qatar, the Spaniard has been doing well.

Why Xavi Should Take Suarez’s Advice.

-Luis Suarez thinks Xavi Hernandez will be joining Barcelona at the wrong time. Currently, the club is having a difficult time off the pitch. Right now, because of the financial problems at the club, Xavi would not be able to compete with top clubs in the transfer market.

-Fans expectations are always high at a club like Barcelona. Barca fans will be expecting Xavi to challenge and win trophies despite having an average squad.

Koeman was under lesser pressure last season because of how much Lionel Messi contributed to the team. This season, Koeman lost Messi and that affected him.

-Xavi will want to bring back the “Barcelona Identity.” He will be tasked with improving the quality of play and the style of play without the adequate investment.

Luis Suarez was trying to say that the current situation at Barcelona might not let Xavi achieve much at the club being a young coach. Still, it looks like Xavi will become the new Barcelona boss. However, it will be interesting to see how he manages the situation at the club.