Well, If it isn’t the “I told you so” moment for Chelsea fans who thought letting Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech leave will affect the club negatively… it most definitely is. Thomas Tuchel is not happy, he does not have clarity about his squad, and whose fault is that?

Thomas Tuchel was furious and he didn’t hold back when he addressed the press after Chelsea’s mediocre performance against London Rivals Arsenal in Orlando.

“I can not guarantee. (That Chelsea will be ready for the new season) I saw today a team in Arsenal who are mentally committed to an idea of playing, a level of exhaustion, a level of physical commitment that we could not match”

“Also, a level of mental commitment that we lacked because we have a lot of players who are thinking about leaving and looking at their options. We have players that have left and I think at the obvious moment.”

Thomas Tuchel Speaking after Chelsea’s 4-0 loss against Arsenal in Orlando

Tuchel mentioned that some players cannot commit mentally, because they’re thinking of leaving the club. The likes of Marcos Alonso, Cesar Azpilicueta, and Timo Werner want to leave the club this summer. With just two weeks till the start of the new EPL season, Tuchel is clamoring for more quality. 

Chelsea have signed Raheem Sterling and Kalidou Koulibaly, so far this summer. However, the result against Arsenal suggests that there is still work to be done especially after the club lost important first-team players.

Chelsea miss Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech

Chelsea Miss Marina Granovskaia

Some impatient decisions made by the new owners caused the poor planning and execution of Chelsea’s transfer business. Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech were eased out of the club after the owners completed the takeover. The sudden changes were unnecessary, especially because the new owners didn’t have capable people lined up to take over. Todd Boehly inserted himself in too many roles and that has affected Chelsea’s business this summer. Chelsea Lost Raphinha to Barca despite making the preferred bid, the club could also lose Kounde to the Spanish club.

Situations like this could lead the club into making wrong deals or signing the wrong players for a team that plays in a particular way.

The Takeover was fast, and perhaps the aftermath wasn’t structured in the right way. Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea fans will have to be patient so the new structure can take its course.