Introduction to both teams to score (BTTS)

As far as football betting tips, there are several betting concepts and strategies used by punters all across the world to make profit. In this piece, we want to thoroughly break down the strategy known as ‘Both Teams To Score. Also known as BTTS or more commonly as Goal/Goal(GG).

What is both teams to score (BTTS)

The concept of “Both Teams to Score” (often abbreviated as “BTTS”) is a popular type of football betting market. It focuses on predicting whether both teams participating in a match will score at least one goal each. This does not depend on the final outcome or result.

How ‘Both Teams To Score’ Works

  • Yes (BTTS-Yes): If you place a bet on “Yes,” you’re predicting that both teams will score at least one goal each. If both teams score, your bet wins.
  • No (BTTS-No): If you place a bet on “No,” you’re predicting that at least one team will fail to score a goal during the match. If only one team scores or if the match ends in a goalless draw, your bet wins.

It’s important to note that the “Both Teams to Score” market is solely concerned with goal-scoring.

How To Bet On Both Teams To Score

Now that we know what BTTS means, let us discuss how to place bets using this market, with the sole purpose of landing a winning ticket.

Placing a BTTS bet

  1. Select the match you want to bet on.
  2. Look for the BTTS market and select the bet type you want to place. To explore BTTS options, you need to click on the name of the match (i.e. Manchester – Liverpool) so you can see all the available betting markets.
  3. Enter your stake and confirm your bet.

Best Betting Platforms for BTTS Market

There are several sportsbooks and betting platforms that offer this option but the ones with the most rewarding odds are SportyBet, BetKing, 22Bet, MSport, and 1Xbet.

Important calculations before BTTS bets

Sports betting can never be 100% guaranteed, and there are no football betting tips with total accuracy and the human factor involved means there will always be risk attached. However, with the right approach and knowledge, you can increase your chances of making correct BTTS bets. 

Have a look at the list below to find some Both Teams To Score tips and BTTS strategies for this market.

  • One of the key strategies for successful BTTS betting is to research and analyse the teams and matches thoroughly. Look at the team’s recent form, their scoring and conceding statistics, and their head-to-head record. This will give you an idea of their potential to score and concede goals. Also, it’s not a bad idea to find some football tips online before the game starts. This way you can see the experts’ opinions on the possible outcome.
  • Another important tip is to consider the playing style of the teams. If both teams have an attacking approach and a tendency to score goals, the chances of a BTTS outcome are high. On the other hand, if one team has a solid defence and the other struggles to find the back of the net, it may not be the best match for a BTTS bet.
  • Additionally, keep an eye on team news, injuries, and suspensions. These can have a significant impact on a team’s performance and may affect their ability to score or defend. 

The Importance of Both Teams To Score In Football Betting

The BTTS market gives you an edge and a different market to bet on, with perhaps even less risk than the straight-win market.

It works even better when you have analysed the teams you have chosen to take a punt on. It is especially handy when the two teams involved are high-scoring teams and you are having a hard time deciding. This is an option that is tried and trusted and could work if applied correctly.

Impact of BTTS on overall betting experience

The “Both Teams to Score” market offers a unique perspective on football matches and appeals to bettors who enjoy focusing on the excitement of goals being scored, rather than just the final result of the game. As with all forms of betting, responsible gambling is essential.

Advantages And Benefits Of BTTS Betting

  1. Enhances Interest: Betting on whether both teams will score adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to a football match, especially when the teams playing are evenly matched or have strong offensive capabilities. It maintains interest throughout the game, as the outcome can be determined until the final whistle, regardless of the overall match result.
  2. Variety of Outcomes: Unlike traditional match result betting, BTTS offers multiple potential outcomes that are not solely tied to the winner or loser of the game. This variety can make betting more interesting for bettors who might be looking for a different perspective on the match.
  3. Focus on Goal Scoring: BTTS places the spotlight on the most exciting aspect of football – scoring goals. It doesn’t matter who wins; the focus is on whether both teams manage to find the back of the net. This aligns well with the universally enjoyed thrill of watching goals being scored.
  4. Potential for High-Scoring Matches: BTTS can lead to betting opportunities in high-scoring matches, where both teams have strong attacking players and may be more likely to score. This can be particularly appealing for bettors who enjoy a fast-paced and action-packed game.

BTTS & In-Play betting

  • In-play betting is also known as live betting or in-game betting. It allows you to place bets on a sporting event while it is already in progress.
  • Unlike traditional pre-match betting, in-play betting allows you to react to the evolving dynamics of the game. You can place bets on various outcomes, such as the next goal, the result at halftime, the number of corners or cards, and more, as the game unfolds.
  • In-play betting markets are continually updated to reflect the changing circumstances of the match. Odds can shift rapidly based on the events on the field.

How to take advantage of “Both Teams to Score” (BTTS) opportunities through in-play or live betting.

  1. Watch the Game: The most crucial aspect of in-play BTTS betting is watching the game in real-time. This allows you to assess the current form and strategies of both teams, as well as any changes in momentum, injuries, or substitutions.
  2. Assess Team Performance: Pay attention to how well each team is performing offensively and defensively. Are they creating scoring chances? Is one team dominating possession and putting pressure on the opposing defense? Are both teams attacking or playing defensively?
  3. Check Live Stats: Many sports betting websites and apps provide live statistics for ongoing matches. Look for stats like shots on goal, corners, and dangerous attacks. These stats can give you an idea of how likely both teams are to score.
  4. Monitor Odds: Betting odds for BTTS can change rapidly during a live match.
  5. Consider Match Context: Consider the context of the match, such as the importance of the game, the teams’ historical scoring patterns, and their recent form. High-stakes games or matches between evenly matched teams may be more likely to see both teams score.
  6. Wait for Good Opportunities: It’s not necessary to bet on BTTS in every live match. Wait for favorable opportunities when you believe both teams have a reasonable chance of scoring. Patience is key.
  7. Bet Responsibly: Always bet within your means and set a budget for your live betting activities. Avoid chasing losses and practice responsible bankroll management.
  8. Cash Out Option: Some bookmakers offer a “Cash Out” feature for live bets, allowing you to cash out your bet before the game ends. This can be useful if you want to secure some profit or limit potential losses.
  9. In-Play Analysis: Listen to the commentary and analysis during the live broadcast. This is important because experts often provide insights into the game’s dynamics that can inform your betting decisions.


Remember, no betting option is foolproof, and there are no guarantees of winning. Sports betting always carries a risk, and it’s essential to bet responsibly, set limits on your wagers, and avoid chasing losses.

Additionally, doing thorough research and considering various factors like team form, injuries, and playing style can improve your chances of success when betting on BTTS or any other market.