Understanding Draw Betting

No matter the draw prediction tips you get, the option is still one of the hardest to predict when it comes to football betting. In football, a draw is when neither team wins the game. It is when the both teams (home and away) have scored the same amount of goal in a 90-minute match.

When you predict that a match will end in a draw, when either team wins, you have lost the bet, but when both team fail to out-score each other, the football game will end in a draw/tie.

This article will provide football punters with the adequate tips, and advices to help cash-in on more draw options.

Factors Influencing Draws

Historical performance of teams/players in draws

Some fixtures might have a history of producing draws more frequently in a league or a cup. For example in the Premier League, as of the now, Chelsea and Liverpool have a recent history of playing out draws. So, patterns like that need to be studied.

Team tactics and playing style

The playing style of a team has a lot to do with how frequently they share points with opponents. A defensive team prioritize not conceding goals first before scoring, while an attacking team always want to be on the front foot.

Key player absences or injuries

The absence of a key player can force a team to change their approach to a more defensive type.

Weather conditions and stadium factors

Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or strong winds, can affect the style of play and make matches more unpredictable, potentially leading to draws.

Importance of the match (league position, knockout stages, derbies, etc.)

A team’s form is always important when trying to bet in football. Are they in a good goalscoring form? are their key players fit? Are they scoring more or conceding more? All the mentioned metric need to be analysed before picking a team to draw a game.

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How to Pick a Draw – Draw prediction tips

Staying updated about team news, form, conditions and key player’s involvement can help punters pick better teams for draws.

Using betting forums and expert opinions

There are many betting experts who always look at statistics and analyse games that are likely to end in a draw. Punters can use ready-made draw tips to stay ahead

Strategies for selecting potential draw matches

Here are some draw prediction tips to use when picking potential draw matches in football leagues around the world.

Balanced teams/players with comparable strength

Look at matches that feature teams with similar squad strength. For example, in the English Premier League, a good strategy for picking out games likely to end in a draw would be a match between two mid-table teams, two relegation candidates, or top four teams. In summary, teams that have similar squad quality and strength are more likely to play out a draw when they face each other.

Underdog vs. favourite scenarios

In some scenarios, underdog v favourite strategy might work. Watch out for a match featuring a clear underdog and favourite, and check if the favourite has shown any weakness in recent form. A shaky favourite often draws against a determined underdog.

Matches with low-scoring tendencies

There are leagues with low-scoring tendencies, and there are matches like that too. Some matches just generally produce less goals than others, analysing that can help.

Tight defensive games

If the two teams playing have strong defences, that can be an indicator for a possible draw.

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Managing Draw Betting Risks

Tips to help you manage the risk of betting on draws. Draws remain one of the most profitable options in football betting, but that also means it is risky, here is how to manage the risks.

Bankroll management for draw bets

This means setting aside a specific portion of your betting funds for these types of wagers. Always determine how much you’re willing to stake, such as 1% to 5% of your total balance, for each draw bet. Always assess and adjust your bankroll and stake based on your betting performance

Avoiding excessive reliance on draw bets

Draw bets are very risky, and it would be foolish to rely on the draw option. You could mix it up with double chance options like 1X or 2X or the famous Home or Away pick.

Combining draw bets with other bet types

When compiling an Acca bet, you can mix draw bets with other bets such as BTTS, Overs/Unders, 1X, 2X, and many more to increase the potential winnings.

Learning when to skip a draw bet

Here are some draw prediction tips to help you know when to skip a draw bet.

When it involves a team with history of scoring plenty of goals: Teams that score a lot rarely draw games.

When there is no history or pattern: Skip a draw bet when your research on team form, injuries, and statistics are inconclusive.

If the context of the match is unclear: When the context of the match or the importance of the match is unclear, do not pick the game for a draw.

Skip a draw bet on ceremonial matches and friendly matches.: Friendly matches always have nothing riding on them, and the results are often meaningless.

Live Betting and Draws

Utilizing live betting opportunities for draw bets

Here are some draw prediction tips to help with live betting on draws.

Monitor the match closely: To make any money using live-bet, you have to follow the match closely. Stay informed and responsive to enhance your chances of winning.

Know when to stake: Look for instances where the score is level or both teams are evenly matched.

Research: Assess factors like team form, injuries, and tactical changes during the game. If the conditions favour a draw, place your bet.

Act Fast: It is essential to act quickly when you identify a potential draw scenario.

Assessing in-game situations for potential draws

Some in-game situation might change the course of a game and make it more likely to end in a draw. Situations like Red Cards to the stronger team, or injury to a key player, set-pieces, or even strong momentum from the underdogs. These situations can make a match end in an unexpected draw.

Quick decision-making and adapting to match dynamics

When watching a match live, a punter should be able to spot key moments in games quickly. Some key moments will change the momentum of the game and a punter need to be able to spot this and react fast, especially when staking on draws.

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Popular Draw Betting Strategies

Here are some draw prediction tips and strategies punters use when picking football matches to bet on.

The “Draw No Bet” strategy

In Draw No Bet (DNB), the draw outcome is removed from the wager. It is an insurance against draws. If you place a DNB bet on the home team, and they win the match, you win your bet. If you place a DNB bet on the away team, and they win the match, you win your bet. If the match ends in a draw, your stake is refunded, and you neither win nor lose.

Draw betting in accumulators/system bets

Draw betting is risky in single bet, and even riskier in accumulators. It means that for the accumulator or system bet to win, all the selected matches must either end in a draw (if all Acca games are draws) or follow the chosen outcome. This makes winning with draws more complex and risky but with potential for higher winnings.

Hedging draw bets for minimizing losses

Hedging draw bets in sports betting means making extra bets on different outcomes to minimize losses or secure some winnings. You do this by betting on possibilities like a draw or the opposing team winning, based on your initial picks.

Common Draw Betting Mistakes

Punters make mistakes when deciding when and how to pick draw matches. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when picking draws.

Chasing losses and emotional betting

Chasing losses in any type of football betting is a bad idea, and it’s even worse when it comes to betting on draws. Always stake what you can afford to lose, have a plan and stick to it. Chasing losses in draw betting will only lead to more losses and eventually, bankruptcy.

Overlooking key factors in draw analysis

The best draw prediction tips will always tell you to never ignore research. Overlooking research and just doing guess-work when picking draws can be detrimental, nothing is guaranteed when you do your research about teams, much less without.

Betting on draws without a sound strategy

Betting on a risky market like draws without a strong strategy or plan can lead to bankruptcy. Punters need to have a budget, and a strategy in order to be profitable when betting on draws.


Profitting from draw betting in football is doable, but can also be challenging. Understanding how football works is crucial to making money from draws. However, analyzing matches based on team strategies, balanced teams with comparable strength, identifying underdog vs. favorite scenarios, targeting low-scoring matches, and recognizing tight defensive games will go a long way to help.


Does a draw mean you win?

No, a draw doesn’t mean you win. It’s a tie where neither team/player wins or loses in a game or competition.

Who wins a bet if it’s a draw?

If you staked on the result to be a draw, then you win, but if you picked a team to win, and the match ends in a draw, then you have lost the bet.

Is a draw a win or lose?

A draw is neither a win nor a loss in sports betting. It’s a tie or push.

Why do they call it a draw?

A draw in sports betting is called so because it signifies a situation where the final results of a game or match are inconclusive, with neither team winning, hence a “draw.”

Does a draw end a parlay?

Yes, a draw can impact a parlay. In most cases, if one of the bets within a parlay ends in a draw, it usually results in a “push” or “tie,” which can affect the overall outcome of the parlay.

What happens if there’s a draw in a parlay?

If there’s a draw in a parlay, the affected leg of the parlay is usually removed, and the parlay is adjusted based on the remaining bets

Is a draw a double chance?

No, a staright draw is not double chance. However, there are options like 1X (home win or draw) and X2 (draw or away win) that are double chance options that includes draw.

What does draw scores mean?

Draw scores refer to football matches where both teams score an equal number of goals, resulting in a tie or draw outcome.

Does a draw void a bet?

Yes, in certain betting markets like “Draw No Bet,” if the match ends in a draw, the bet is typically declared void, and the stake is refunded to the bettor.

Should you bet on draws?

Yes. Betting on draw can be profitable, but just like any other market, it is very risky, so, do your research, analyze teams, form, and statistics to improve your chances of winning.

How does draw betting work?

Football draw betting means betting that a game will finish in a tie. When you bet on this, and the match does end in a tie, you win your bet.

How do you identify a draw match?

  1. Check team statistics: Look for teams with a history of drawing games frequently.
  2. Analyze odds: Higher odds for a draw can indicate it’s less likely.
  3. Review recent form: Teams in similar form may result in a draw.
  4. Consider low-scoring matches: Matches with few goals are more likely to end in draws.

How to bet on draws and make money?

  1. Bet selectively: Don’t bet on every draw; choose matches wisely.
  2. Consider low-scoring leagues: Lower-scoring leagues often have more draws.
  3. Bankroll management: Bet within your budget to minimize risks.

What are good odds for a draw?

Good odds for a draw in football betting typically range from 3.0 to 3.5 or higher. These odds indicate a higher potential payout if the match ends in a draw.

How do you bet on win or draw?

To bet on “win or draw” in football betting you place a double chance betting on your preferred team. This covers two possible outcome, thereby reducing your risk.

What is moneyline draw?

A “moneyline draw” in sports betting means you’re placing a bet on the game ending in a tie instead of picking a winning team. It’s a wager on the match being a tie at the end. If the game does end in a draw, you’ll receive a payout determined by the odds.