Manchester United have denied covering up an alleged incident of assault involving their Brazilian international Antony.

Manchester United have denied reports that they sought to conceal an attack on Gabriela Cavallin, Antony’s former girlfriend.

The claims were reportedly first made by Cavallin’s legal representatives in submission to Sāo Paulo police authorities. This was part of an ongoing investigation into a number of alleged instances of abuse. It was confirmed this week that Greater Manchester police are also looking into the claims, allegations that Antony strongly denies.

The reports relate to an incident that allegedly took place on 15 January of this year at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Manchester. According to Cavallin, Antony head-butted her causing a cut on her scalp. He also grabbed her and forced her onto a bed before landing on her. This caused the displacement of a silicone implant in her breast.

According to the leaked deposition, Antony then called a club official who arranged for Cavallin to be seen by a doctor. The deposition claims the doctor worked for United and was brought in “with the deliberate intention of hushing up what had happened”.

Manchester United said on Thursday that “any suggestion that the club covered up these allegations is categorically false”.

United confirmed that a member of staff arranged for a private doctor to visit Cavallin at Antony’s request. However, they denied that she was treated by any of the club’s medical staff.

It is understood player welfare officials commonly arrange for private doctors to visit family members of playing staff if requested.

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