The LA Lakers have had an underwhelming season so far. There’s no other way to really put it. A 24-24 record after 48 games is certainly not what the fans and bookies predicted. 

LeBron James however is having one of the best seasons of his career. With Anthony Davis’ lengthy absence meaning he has had to shoulder everything. He has scored at least 25 points each game since Davis strained his MCL and is averaging 32.5 points per game over that period.

“I’m in one of the best zones offensively I’ve been in in my career,” he said Sunday. “And I don’t plan on stopping.”

LeBron James

Whether he can maintain this electric scoring pace remains to be seen. As Russell Westbrook has blown hot and cold this season, mostly cold, Frank Vogel has searched for alternatives. They have shuffled role players trying to find a group that can contribute at a high level. In some games, LeBron James has had to score 25, 30, 35 points just for the LA Lakers to have a chance. 

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Return Of Anthony Davis 

Anthony Davis played in his first game since he sprained his MCL on Dec.17. He has missed the last 17 games during that period. What he offered was immeasurable as he gave the Lakers some much-needed verve on both ends of the floor.  The end result was a comfortable 106-96 win over the Brooklyn Nets. 

“Anthony helps in all ways, and that’s definitely one of them: to spread out some of the load,”

Frank Vogel

Having Davis back is definitely fantastic news for everyone connected to the Lakers franchise. His ability to defend at a high level, catch rebounds and lobs as well as block shots, is priceless. For most people, it’s easy to see that the trade for Westbrook hasn’t quite worked out, we may be back to the LeBron – Davis double punch. Anthony Davis averaged 23.3 points and 9.9 rebounds before his injury. Those are numbers that would certainly have him in next month’s All-Star game if not for injury. The Lakers will be hoping he can get back to his absolute best for them to make a concerted push into the playoffs.