As the NBA regular season reaches its final stretch, there are three absolutely deserving MVP winners if the season ended today and this is the first time it’s been this way in several years. 

All three of these guys are having MVP-caliber seasons of the highest level. Each one of them putting up historical numbers, leading their teams to sometimes improbable victories. 

Nikola Jokic

The Joker is having yet another ridiculous season. He was named MVP last year after a stellar campaign and this is even better.  His monster 46-point triple-double on just 22 shots on Sunday was testament to his abilities. He added three steals and four blocks to go with it. Jokic has somehow led an injury-riddled Denver team to 12 games over .500. In every other season Jokić’s performances especially in the past month would have ended the MVP debate. The thing is this is not a normal NBA season.

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Joel Embiid 

Embiid is basically pushing the envelope of what a big man can do this season. He has been on a tear, basically propelling the Sixers past everyone. He had 27 free-throw attempts in a single game last week and dropped 42 on the Bucks just before the NBA All-Star break. Last night he had 43 points and 14 rebounds against a good Chicago Bulls team. He is poised to lead the league in scoring and the duo of Embiid and Harden remains fearsome in the eastern conference. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo

The two-time MVP has performed at the highest level for the past four or five years. To the point where his insane performances are now almost taken for granted. Averaging 29 & 12 on the season, he currently has a PER of 32.0 which in other seasons would have made him a runaway MVP.  Even in a subdued performance against Phoenix on Sunday, he put up 19,13&6. Good numbers for a player having an off night. Giannis remains one of the most unguardable players in all of basketball. It’s hard to imagine one of these three players missing out on the MVP award at the end of the season. 

The overall performances from these three players borders on ridiculous. All three have a PER above 31.0, easily putting each of them among the top ratings in history.  As far as eye test, all you need to do is watch a few plays to understand their greatness.

Special mention to LeBron James, Curry, Ja Morant & DeMar DeRozan. Unfortunately for them this MVP is a contest between three players operating at unbelievable levels.