The Golden State Warriors are in excellent form. Propelled by the red-hot shooting of Steph Curry and a much-improved defense, they have shot into the top spot of Tossyard’s NBA Rankings. 

Golden State Warriors (10-1) 

The Warriors have been excellent so far this season. They have the best defense in the league and could get even better when Klay Thompson returns. That being said, they have played the league’s easiest schedule up till now with eight of their 11 games coming at home against teams with losing records. They have also benefited from their opponents shooting poorly from 3-point range and the free-throw line The Warriors’ home game run ends on Friday. The Chicago Bulls are in town for what is expected to be their toughest test yet.

Brooklyn Nets (8-4) 

The Nets have also had a relatively easy schedule. Only four of their 12 games so far have come against teams with winning records. They have looked very good in their wins this season. One could argue that they will look even better as soon as James Harden finds his rhythm. The Nets won five in a row against lesser teams but it’s still a worry that their last two defeats came against Miami and the Chicago Bulls. 

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Utah Jazz (8-4) 

The Jazz have started the season in very good fashion. They have the second-best defense in the NBA this season. The Utah Jazz were formidable in the regular season last year and look to be repeating the same this year. Their last two losses came in games where Mike Conley was unavailable. Utah is a solid team both on offense and defense. Currently, no team takes a higher percentage of their shots from 3 — 48.7%. That number indicates the offense could get even better because they are hitting just 32.4% of those shots.