For managers in the Premier League and and other top leagues, Making substitutions in games helps a lot. It helps in reducing fatigue in the squad, as players could be rotated in-game.

The Premier League will have new rules when it comes to substitutions next season. There will be changes, and fans need to understand how it will be done from next season.

New Rules

The EPL will allow clubs to substitute up to 5 players in the League from next season. Howeverthat is not all. The five substitutions will be made at only three times. That means, Five substitutions are allowed, but at only three stoppages in during the game, so as to save time.

This means that just because you’re allowed 5 substitutions doesn’t mean you’ll be allowed to stop the flow the game and bring in 5 players at 5 different times, that will waste a lot of time. Also, Nine substitutes can be named on the bench.

Five substitutions were allowed during Project restart back in 2020, but the rule was changed back to three substitutions in the Premier League. However after coaches emphasized on how the 5 subs helps in reducing fatigue, the Premier League reconsidered and reached a conclusion to allow it.