The latest instalment of the NFL saw the Baltimore Ravens come up against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday night. By the end of it all, The Ravens, led by the brilliance of Lamar Jackson had emerged 31-25 overtime winners at a packed M&T Bank Stadium. 

The Ravens trailed for most of the game, didn’t play as well in the opening quarter and by the time the fourth quarter rolled around, they were down 25-9. They needed to maintain a cool head and show resilience to force a comeback and they did just that, thanks to Lamar Jackson. He threw two touchdown passes to tight end Mark Andrews, followed each time by a two-point conversion. 

In overtime, Lamar Jackson threw a five-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Marquise Brown to complete a masterful performance from the Ravens quarterback.  Jackson’s performance highlighted his ability to singlehandedly change the fortunes of this team even against all odds. It was a disappointing and utterly crushing defeat for the Colts who must have felt confident going into the fourth quarter with that healthy lead but for the Baltimore Ravens, this represents their fourth straight win and improves them to a 4-1 record.