The Indianapolis Colts decided to move on from Carson Wentz on Wednesday. The 29-year-old was traded to the Washington Commanders in exchange for a pair of third-round picks, one of which can become a second-rounder. 

The teams will also swap second-round picks this spring. The deal can’t be made official until the new league year begins on March 16. The Commanders initially made an offer that included a fourth-rounder and a sixth-rounder. Talks began to really heat up on Tuesday afternoon after Washington missed out on Russell Wilson. They will assume all of Wentz’s 2022 salary, roughly $28 million which means the Colts avoid paying the $15 million they owed Carson Wentz even if the Commanders cut him.

As for the Colts, the issues with Wentz go all the way back to the pre-season of last year. He has been accused of a lack of leadership and is sometimes difficult to coach. He could sometimes be erratic in his play and reckless with the football which directly resulted in defeats. 

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However, this wasn’t just a football move. Wentz’s inconsistent personality was another deciding factor. The Colts’ leadership simply didn’t trust him to be their leading quarterback moving forward. The decision was made swiftly after the Week 18 debacle in Jacksonville. Both parties will hope for better outcomes in the coming NFL season.