Well, today marks the 117th year that Chelsea was founded as a club. After so many ups and downs, on the club’s 117th birthday, an event that could change the club forever has happened. Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned by the British Government.

Abramovich, the man who has owned Chelsea since 2003, and has overseen the best time in the club’s history has been sanctioned. That means operations within the club will be affected negatively. 

So, how will Roman Abramovich’s sanctions affect Chelsea, on and off the pitch?

  • (1) Further Tickets Sales Will Be Stopped: No more tickets will be sold to fans for now.

Roman Abramovich’s sanction means all his assets in the UK are now Frozen. 

  • (2) No Further Sale Of Merchandise

The club cannot sell any of its merchandise as long as Abramovich remains sanctioned.

  • (3) No Player Transfers:

The Club will not be able to sign any player for now and also

  • (4) No Contract Renewals:

Chelsea will not be able to give existing players new contracts. So, if this goes on till July, Chelsea will not be able to renew the contracts of the likes of Cesar Azpilicueta, Andreas Christensen, and Antonio Rudiger.

Journalist explains why Antonio Rudiger is still being selected by Chelsea  but not Andreas Christensen » Chelsea News

Abramovich Sanctioned : Things Chelsea Will Still Be Able To Do

  • (1) Salaries – Chelsea will still be able to pay existing salaries at the club.
  • (2) Matches – Chelsea will still be able to play matches, but supporters might be fewer. Season tickets holders and fans that have already purchased tickets will still be able to attend games.

…. Chelsea Can Still Be Sold

Also, Chelsea can still be sold, but for now only on one condition. Roman Abramovich will have to allow the UK Government to take over the process. Also the proceeds of the sale will no longer go to the Russian Billionaire.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich: I have decided to sell the club | Football  News | Sky Sports

It is a sad time for Chelsea fans, but these are pretty much the terms of the sanction, and how it will affect the European Champions.