The NFL regular season has been full of excitement and thrills. With Just one week left in the regular NFL season, the fascinating MVP race looks set to come down to two candidates. Two quarterbacks who have both been absolutely crucial to their teams’ hopes this season. In this piece, we take a look at both candidates and how strong their cases are. 

#1 – Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) 

352-for-513 (68.6%), 3,977 yards, 35 TD, 4 INT — 111.1 passer rating

This MVP race has been about Aaron Rodgers for a while. He may not have the most passing yards among quarterbacks but there’s no doubt about his impact this season. The Packers would be nowhere without Rodgers, he has been extremely pivotal. For the Packers, When it comes to offense everything flows through Rodgers. He is everything to this franchise. Green Bay have scored 48 touchdowns this season and Rodgers has thrown 35 and run in three of them.

It is impossible to imagine this Packers team without Rodgers. Over the stretch of a season, they would simply fall apart. He has shown great leadership to take the Packers to the NFC-best record. For all of these reasons, he’s the favourite to win this year. Despite his off-field issues, he seems to have a strong enough standing to emerge victoriously. 

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#2 – Tom Brady – (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) 

456-for-682 (66.9%), 4,990 yards, 40 TD, 12 INT — 100.5 passer rating

If you need a name that comes close to Aaron Rodgers, then look no further than Tom Brady. 

He has certainly been one of the top quarterbacks this NFL season and you can flip a coin between him and Rodgers depending on what you value. Although Rodgers may have a stronger case because he has less talent around him, it’s not that straightforward. Tom Brady is making the most out of a strong roster and doing remarkable things with it.

When the dust settles it will be a 5,000+ yard season for Brady and a highlight reel of clutch passes. This isn’t the tightest MVP race we have had in a while but Brady still has a shout. With just one game left, it does appear, to some at least, that Rodgers is on his way to his second consecutive MVP trophy. Which would make him just the second player to win MVP four or more times. Tom Brady looks set to give him a run for his money.