“Omo! 100 odds in the bag!” Emmanuel said to me via Twitter DMs at about 7:18 pm one Thursday. He had earlier messaged me for tips and stories, and because I was free at the time, I took my time in narrating a few things to him. We exchanged pleasantries that evening, and in about a week, he shared his good news with me. There are many Emmanuels on Twitter. Some even share their wins on the timeline for those who care to see. Money is being made regularly via sports betting, thanks to punters’ brilliant daily efforts (like me winks) who make games available for users to play and win regularly.

Whether you like it or not, Twitter NG is the king of social media for betting in Nigeria. There are a lot of dedicated punters on Twitter doing remarkably when it comes to analyzing games across all sports and making tickets available to the general public to win from regularly on Twitter. In no particular order here are our top eight:

Dunni (@LifeofAdunni)

Anytime you see “Never in doubt”, and a screenshot accompanying it, you know this woman has wrecked the bookies real damn good. Dunni is a punter who has shown great prowess in tennis betting and football betting. When the tennis season is in full swing, you are sure to make a ton of money from playing her games.

She is also very great with tennis in-plays as she has completed tons of rollover bets with her in-plays as well as her regular tickets. Single value bets are also her strong points as she just seems to find the perfect single options to double or triple your money.

MR. Banks (@Mrbankstips)

Mr Banks is a tennis and football punter known for his regular supply of “Lekki” odds on both football and tennis fixtures. He is great with tennis in-plays too as he regularly indulges his telegram subscribers with regular in-plays and accumulator tips during major tennis tournaments.

One of the legendary highlights of Mr Banks was in 2019 when he dropped a 45k Odds ticket on Twitter that ran for a couple of days and was foiled by one game. DAMN! Would have been mighty chaotic (joyful chaos) on the streets of Twitter if that game had pulled through.

JUNIOR EBONG (@JuniorEbong)

Junior Ebong is a renowned name in basketball punting. He has great prowess and knowledge of the sport. He is very familiar with the majority of the basketball leagues (both minor and major basketball leagues) all over the world, and he carefully analyses his tips to the letter to craft winning tickets for his followers and subscribers.

Another fun fact about Junior Ebong is that he plays/posts just 2 odds twice or more daily. He is of the school of thought that betting is about profit no matter how small. He has gone on many multiple winning streaks running into months lots of times. He is Mr Basketball.

CELE BOY (@RealCeleBoy)

Celeboy is a great horse racing punter who has made lots of profits for his followers through his horse racing tips. Horse racing punting is not for the weak as a great deal of commitment and patience goes into its analysis to craft the perfect winning ticket. So thumbs up to Mr Celeboy for his efforts in horse racing punting. He also engages in
football punting occasionally to make profits for his followers.

AUDU (@minutespunt)

You might get a mini heart attack when you see minutespunt “Si tu suis” tweets especially after placing your tennis bets. We will get to the reason later. Minutespunt is a tennis and football punter who is more about the value odds markets. He is well known for his goalscorer and penalty tips during the major leagues season. He seems to know the exact players to score in a game.

He does have incredibly sharp guts when it comes to this. As for why you might not like to see his “si tu suis” tweets, especially during tennis season, he is known for his underdogs and upset tips, which often find a
way to come through and are often accompanied by that French expression. That is just by the way. He is good at what he does and his efforts are very laudable.

CINDY (@cindy_blog)

This is the Longshots Duchess of Twitter. Cindy is a football punter that is known for her regular massive odds wins on Twitter and telegram. She actually “breaks Betking’s neck” regularly with her multiple longshot odds wins.

It is amazing how consistent she is with pulling it off as regularly as she does. With her tips and tickets, many people have made immense profits from sports betting and changed their lives. She is a real legend in this business.

SPIRITUAL (@_spiriituaL)

On a calm evening, you are scrolling through your Twitter timeline, you come across Spiritual’s tweet on his thoughts on an ongoing game and in a couple of minutes, you see another tweet with a screenshot BANG!! He has won millions. Whenever I see him, this is a regular feat that leaves me bewildered every time. It takes sine qua non guts to steady pull such feats consistently.

Spiritual is a horse racing enthusiast as well as a soccer punter and tennis (occasionally). His well-known punting style is taking very calculated risks during matches to make massive profits using his gut and the “overlyzer” analytics tool he has tutored his followers on how to use. He occasionally drops accumulator tickets too for his followers to play, edit and win from. Also, he occasionally tutors his followers on how to maximize some markets he discovers on certain bookmakers.

LOUIE (@LouieDi13)

“50 ODDS TOSSED IN THE LV BAG” Whenever you see this on the timeline, only one name comes to mind – LOUIE also known as the TOSS KING. Louie is a punter and a sports enthusiast with a great deal of versatility in almost all popular sports. He is a tennis, soccer, basketball and NFL punter.

There is never a sports discourse where he does not have salient thoughts and valid takes to chip in. He applies this knowledge and versatility in these sports into making large profits for his followers and subscribers. His in-plays on his telegram channel are also always lit as he goes on multiple streaks with them when he hits the throttle. With his tips, a lot of people on the streets of Twitter have made huge sums and most even changed their lives with their winnings.

Other Honorable Mentions

Other honorable mentions

Apart from the names mentioned in this article, other lowkey punters are doing a great job making their followers happy by making them profits through their tips. A big shout out goes to all of them. Thumbs up and keep up the great work.

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