Ramos is a “bad guy.” He is the second player with the most red cards in football, but do you know about the number one boggeyman?

It looks like Sergio Rams is fit again for Paris Saint Germain. The story continues for the Spanish defender, and he will be looking to break further records.

Sergio Ramos' 26 Real Madrid red cards after sending-off against Manchester  City | Football News | Sky Sports

He is known for his aggressive defending and tenacity and that has gotten him in trouble more than anyone else currently playing football.

However, there is only one player who has more red cards more than the Real Madrid legend.


Ramos is by far the most tenacious defender of his generation. The former Sevilla man leads on the pitch and will stop at nothing to deny opponents. He was highly valued at Real Madrid and he led Los Blancos to three Champions Leagues in a row. He was also a very important part of the Spanish team that dominate for many years.

How Many Red Cards Has Sergio Ramos Got In His Career?

Ramos has more red cards in the history of the Champions League (6). He also left La Liga as the player who was sent off the most (20). Now that he is fit at PSG, maybe he’ll add more. 

However, no matter how rough or tenacious Ramos is, never compare him to the “Beast” himself. 

Bedoya Just Didn`t Care About Red Cards

Gerardo Bedoya: The story of the world's 'dirtiest' footballer - BBC Sport

The only man who has more red cards than Ramos is Gerardo Bedoya. Bedoya played for clubs in South America and was very tenacious.

Bedoya accumulated a staggering 46 before he retired from football. Gerardo Bedoya played as a defensive midfielder. He played for Racing, Millionarios, Boca Juniors, Santa Fe, and many other clubs. According to Wikipedia, he received plenty of his red cards when he was playing for Deportivo Cali

Seeing is Believing! Check Out this compilation of Bedoya`s red cards

Bedoya received his 41st red card against his former club Millonarios. Bedoya elbowed Jhonny Ramirez and also kicked him on the head.

Football Stories - Gerardo Bedoya - The most red cards in history — The  Sporting Blog

He was sent off and given a 15 match ban. He came back from suspension and still got red-carded multiple times. 

Bedoya just didn’t care.

Now you know!

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