In Football, the main objective of a goalkeeper is to prevent a goal from happening. The Goalkeeper is positioned as the last like of defense. Goalkeeper

However, some goalkeepers also have the ability to score goals. It is very rare to see a goalkeeper score a goal in football, not to talk of a hat-trick (three goals in a single match)

The Only Goalkeeper To Have Ever Scored A Hat-Trick

Jose Luis Chilavert. Luis Chilavert is a retired Paraguayan footballer who even played in Spain with Real Zaragoza, and in France with Strasbourg, and he is the only goalkeeper to have ever scored a hat-Trick in a professional match.

The Only Goalkeeper To Have Ever Scored A Hat-Trick

Chilavert was known for his tenacious and controversial attitude.

Jose Luis Chilavert is one of the goalkeepers that demonstrated to the whole world that goalkeepers can do more than just saving shots. Chilavert scored a lot of goals during his career, and he is only behind Brazilian great Rogeiro Ceni.Jose Luis Chilavert


Chilavert’s Hat-trick

Luis Chilavert became the first goalkeeper to ever score a hat-trick and no other goalie has repeated that feat.

The Only Goalkeeper To Have Ever Scored A Hat-Trick

Chilavert scored a hat-trick on November 28th 1999, when he was playing for Argentine side Velez against Ferro Carril Oeste. Chilavert scored three times for Velez in 6-1 win over their opponents.

The Paraguayan goalkeeper scored all three goals from the penalty spot and it wasn’t surprising at the time, because he was a very good set-piece taker.

Chilavert ended his career having scored 62 official career goals for the clubs he represented and his country.

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