The Journey Of Adeoye Damilola aka Louie

Adeoye Damilola Louie
Adeoye Damilola

Gambling has been around since the beginning of time. We’ve always found ways to bet on anything and everything, from sports betting to the lottery to casino games and everything in between.

Whoever said gambling does not bring success has not heard of Adeoye Damilola Adegboyega, aka Louie.

I’m telling of a man who had managed to maintain a winning streak for more than ten years.

His success didn’t come from a miracle. Adeoye Damilola Adegboyega was born on July 12, 1988, in Osun State, Nigeria.

The son of Prince Adelani Adeoye and Atinuke Adeoye, he was born into a Christian family. They owned a construction company in Oshogbo, where they lived.

Adeoye attended St. Claire Primary school for his primary education. He then proceeded to Olashore International School for his High School Journey.

Louie`s Gambling Journey

How did his gambling journey start then? Much like everything else in the world, gambling is a matter of chance.

It all started one day when he sighted a pool shop situated close to his house.

He had no idea what it was all about, but since it had to do with sport and he was enthusiastic about it, he decided to explore it.

At that time, he was deemed too young to play with older men old enough to be his father for an eighteen-year-old boy. He had set his mind to it, so he asked one of the older men how he would go about it.

It employed a little bit of mathematics, and that was another area of interest for him. Sooner than expected, he was already a pro at his game.

Louie started playing with tips and money from his parents until he decided to do something different from the usual— placing a bet with his tuition.

He had made a bet with a friend during a PlayStation game. It was supposed to double the 100 dollars he took there,but he left with nothing.

That was one of his first significant losses, but he did not discourage himself. He worked on more tactics and techniques to win in betting.

When it comes to gambling, most people are prejudicial. They think gamblers are uneducated riff raffs without vision and mission.

These stereotypical claims did not match Louie’s life as he proceeded to Bowen University to study computer science straight out of high school, after which he migrated to the United States, where he studied Software Management at Seneca College. He later migrated to Canada to complete his degree while also putting his heart into his betting career.

Aside from managing Project Hope USA, Louie works for sport betting companies. He runs a blog called “Louie on Tossyard”.

With a net worth of up to $100,000, he has earned millions from betting. Louie could easily be named the king of Sports Betting.