The Warriors improved to a 2-0 record after defeating the Los Angeles Clippers 115-113 thanks to a virtuoso performance by Stephen Curry in last night’s NBA action

The Steph Curry Magic

The Warriors naturally play better when Steph Curry plays well. Last night was no exception. On a night when their hottest preseason property, Jordan Poole was playing at an unusually disappointing level, the Warriors offense pulled through. Led by Steph Curry, the Warriors found a way with Curry proving to be unstoppable. 

He dragged them over the finish line when all looked lost. After a rough 5-of-21 shooting night in the opener against the Lakers, he went off for 25 points on 9-of-9 shooting in the first quarter. Curry was absent for most of the second quarter and the Warriors struggled. The Clippers came back into the game and led at half time. Thanks to Curry’s clutch shots right at the end, the Warriors recovered. 

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Are The Warriors Now A Serious Contender?

The Warriors look better this season. With more depth, especially when it comes to shooting. The imminent return of Klay Thompson is going to be a huge boost. Watching the game last night and seeing Steph play how he did must have left fans optimistic. Steph made all nine of his field goals. 

He also made five of his 3-point attempts in the first quarter. A dazzling performance by arguably the most exciting player in basketball. He scored 10 of the Warriors’ final 13 points, including two late 3 point shots to seal a hard-earned victory. There are many things that contribute to a successful title run. Having a player as great as Curry enhances your chances of a realistic tilt. The Warriors have a long way to go but this is a great start.