Welcome to today’s stunning stats with your guy Stunna, its friday (TGIF) after a week of thrilling champions league football with Ronaldo and Messi both grabbing the headlines for the umpteenth time in their glorious careers, chelsea losing 2 strikers in one game to injury, salah being an egyptian god and Bayern showing why they are the best team in the world currently, its time for me to give you 10 stunning sports stats that you probably didn’t know about

  1. Rogerio Ceni is the highest goal scoring Goalkeeper in the history of football with 131 goals. The goalkeeper scored 61 freekicks and 70 penalties in a career spanning 25years spent mainly in the south american football hemisphere. Goalkeeper wey dey score pass striker, wahala lmao
  1. The Longest Unbeaten league home run record in Europe’s top 5 leagues  is held by, your guess is as good as mine; REAL MADRID. This feat spanned across a record 121 matches from 1957-1965. Talk about a fortress!!
  1. The longest rally record in tennis is being held by Nelson and Jean Hepner who engaged in a 29-minute , 643-shot rally. The match later went on for 6hrs 31minutes (a record that stood for nearly 20 years itself and remains the record for a match completed in a single day). Imagine watching a rally for 29minutes for one point, can never be me lmaooo
  1. Highest scorer in a single basketball game; This record is held by the hall of famer, WILT CHAMBERLAIN who dropped a 100 points as a member of the Philadelphia warriors in a 169-147 win over the new york knicks on the 2nd of March 1962. I can assure you that guy was homeless because he couldnt get bricks back in the day(pun intended lmao)
  1. KLAY THOMPSON holds the record for most 3-points made in a single basketball  game. The sharp shooter made 14 3s in just 27minutes against the Chicago Bulls in 2018. Another homeless fella with no bricks🔥
  1. Iker Casillas holds the most clean sheets in the champions league with  59 clean sheets in 177 UCL games. Kudos to the legendary shot stopper.
  1. Chelsea football club holds the record for the least amount of goals conceded in a premier league season. The blues conceded only 15 goals in the 2004/2005 season with Petr Cech amassing 25 clean sheets. Safe to say the record is here to stay with the current modern attacking football style.
  1. The longest losing streak in the NFL after the merger is held by, you could never guess this, the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS. The reigning NFL champions lost 26 straight games from 1976-1977 during their first season in the NFL. Once again, the power of money and investments in a sports team cannot be overemphasized, look at them now😂
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo has the most amount of goals scored in soccer history with a weak foot. The soccer great has scored 145 goals with his weaker foot(baba God make person weak leg get goals pass some people full career goals😩).
  1. Lionel Messi holds the highest amount of Pichichis in La Liga history. The award is given to the highest goal scorer each season and Messi has received it 8 times. Safe to say he just might be arguably the best player in La liga history.

And that concludes stunning soccer stats with Stunna, hope you enjoyed being enlightened on what we love most, sports! Till next time, I still remain your boy Stunna Chiesa,  KEEP TOSSING!!!