Legendary quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL this week after a glittering 22-year career. 

When Brady entered the NFL in the year 2000, he carried with him minimal expectations. He had potential and there was some talk about how good he could become but nothing ever too loud. It took only a few years for him to change that tone. A few years into his career and it was quite clear we were witnessing a generational talent. Brady remained focused in the face of growing adulation from the media and fans alike. 

Highlights and Honors 

Tom Brady retires as a 7x Super Bowl champion. 5x Super Bowl MVP winner. Brady also won the NFL MVP award three times as well as multiple other personal accolades. He ends his career holding the record of most passing touchdowns and most passing completions. The quarterback was truly the golden standard for quarterbacks. He is the NFL leader in career quarterback wins, quarterback regular season wins and quarterback playoff wins. 

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Winning Legacy 

The 44-year-old won 243 regular season games and 35 postseason games for a combined 278 wins. He also holds a .769 winning percentage, which is the highest among NFL quarterbacks who have started 100 games. He is the only NFL quarterback to win 200 regular season games as well as 35 postseason victories. Brady is also the only NFL quarterback to win all 16 regular season games, which he accomplished in 2007

Ideally Tom Brady’s winning mentality would have meant he never wanted to go out on a loss. There was no way he was going to retire following a defeat in the postseason. The truth is Brady has nothing more to prove. Not to anyone. He goes out on a high, as the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL.